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Free web developer and graphic designer


First I completed an education as a graphic designer / media designer digital and print. Afterwards I studied business administration information technology. I have many years of experience in graphic design, web development, webshop programming, SEO, desktop publishing and print publishing.
I've been active politically in various patriotic areas for over 20 years.


Graphic Design

Classical graphic design of business cards, banners, stickers, T-shirts as well as logo creation. Conception and implementation of corporate identity / corporate design. Coordination of color profiles, fonts as well as individual company editions. Modernization and redesign of obsolete graphic concepts.

Web Development

Professional conception and creation of every kind of web pages. For e.g. simple business vCard websites, serious company websites, professional web shops. Both, individual custom developments as well as implementation of various content management systems such as WordPress or ERP system such as JTL. Set up of all merchandise management functionalities and billing- as well as payment-systems.

Automation of shop-systems

Optimization and setup of a merchandise management system with connection to the shop. Implemantation of an automated process chain for the control of order processing, packing operations and billing. This allows various manual steps and thus potential sources of error to be eliminated and cost-effectively automated.

Additional Services

SEO | Search Engine Optimization

The own page is online, but not enough visible? I examine the content and technical structure of your website and identify possible sources of error. Then, based on this, I create a concept to improve the search engine placement for formerly defined keywords and search terms.


Looking for a cheap print shop? I have long-standing and good contacts to reliable and politically "incorrect" printers who work very cheap and with high quality.

Desktop-Publishing | Letter Press

Design of printed products - books, newspapers, magazines, catalogues or calendars - professionally and adapted to the wishes of the customer. I also support my clients in the areas of proofreading, typesetting, cover design, image selection, printing and marketing.

Design | Style | Creativity

Service Overview

This is just an excerpt of my services. I also offer various additional services, such as the creation of web apps, Android development or consulting around the growing topic of cloud.

With any IT topics I am helpful and at your disposal.

I also have an international network of contacts in a wide variety of business fields

Web Development
Graphic Design
Automation of shop-systems
SEO | Search Engine Optimization
Desktop-Publishing | Letter Press
Politically incorrect views
Glasses of beer
Patriotic customers
Successful projects


One single individual is a sufficient witness that freedom has not yet disappeared;
but we need that witness.
Ernst Jünger
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Superstition is second-order free spirit.

Friedrich Nietzsche
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Yes, we can make it!

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